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GRE Mathematics Subject Test Solutions: Exams GR1268, GR0568, and GR9768

Contains the solutions to the GRE forms GR1268, GR0568, and GR9768, which are essentially the three most recent—and hardest—publicly available math GRE exams (the questions in the GR1768 are identical to those in the GR1268). The booklet is available for $11.50 on

GRE Math Subject Test GR1768 Solutions

Solutions to the most recently released math GRE subject test form. Click here to read the PDF for free.

Practice Test

Here is my own practice test. Please email me if you find mistakes.

Practice Test

If you like the practice test, please consider buying a copy of Practice for the GRE Math Subject Test: Two Practice Tests and Solutions on As the title suggests, the book contains two practice tests and their solutions (the free test and another). Also, please consider writing a review!

UCLA GRE Bootcamp Problems

Problems and solutions from Charlie Marshak’s UCLA Bootcamp course. They have been posted here with permission from Charlie, but they are free for everyone to use and distribute.


GRE Math Subject Test Exams

These are all public GRE math subject tests by ETS.

GR1268 (Questions identical to 1768)