Practice for the GRE Math Subject Test!

A paperback booklet containing the practice test linked here as well as one addition practice test, their answers, and their solutions is on sale for $10.75. Its title is Practice for the GRE Math Subject Test: Two Practice Tests and Solutions. You can buy it on

A Romp Tour of Trigonometry

After seeing how critical a solid understanding of trigonometry is for success as a STEM major, Charles decided that there was a need for an affordable and robust trigonometry book. A Romp Tour of Trigonometry contains all the material that a STEM major needs for their classes. It is a paperback book, and it sells for $17.50 on

You can read it for free. Simply click here.

GRE Mathematics Subject Test Solutions: Exams GR1268, GR0568, and GR9768

GRE Mathematics Subject Test Solutions is an approachable booklet of solutions for three official GRE mathematics subject tests—the GR1268, GR0568, and GR9768. It contains 140 pages of solutions and an eighteen-page glossary. The purpose of this booklet is simple: To help students study. Solutions have enough detail to aid those struggling, and the design is such that it is also suitable as a reference. All major theorems are stated either within the main text, glossary, or both. In particular, great pains were taken to include theorems from Calculus and below. Everything is written from an intuitive perspective. It is available on