Exam P

Need help with the Society of Actuaries’ Exam P? Charles is here for you! He passed Exam P with a score of 9 in July 2015 and has been tutoring it since then. What’s more, Charles will provide his services at our standard rate! Give us a call or email today and set up an appointment!


Before I met Charles, I spent countless hours self studying for exam P, making little progress and feeling pretty discouraged. After Charles started tutoring me I quickly noticed I was making substantial progress. Charles was never stumped and always knew how to solve each problem. He also efficiently identified gaps in my understanding and explained the solutions clearly. With his help I was finally able to pass the exam. As a result of the concepts and study strategies I learned from Charles I also passed the following exam FM and was hired at a new job, which would not otherwise have been possible if I hadn’t studied with him.
I can’t recommend Charles enough. You will not be disappointed with the results.
‒ Kyle B.


SOA’s sample questions and solutions

Lecture Notes in Actuarial Mathematics by Marcel Finan