About Rambo Tutoring

Rambo Tutoring is a small in-home tutoring agency, run by Charles Rambo. It was founded in 2010, and this website was created in June 2011. We tutor throughout North San Diego County.

We work with the students’ own class material at their own pace. This method allows us to quickly find—and fill—holes in students’ understanding. We adjust our tutoring style to students’ needs by watching how students work problems.

Our teaching philosophy is simple. Students need to spend time learning their subject, and they need to work-out their own homework problems. The tutor’s job is to explain the material, do examples, and find holes in students’ understanding. Mastery of a subject takes time and hard work. Gimmicks don’t work. We help students by creating focus which helps them use their study time efficiently and by finding errors in students’ work which helps stop bad habits from forming.

About Charles

Charles lives in Escondido, and he started tutoring at Palomar College in 2006, while he was a student there. He worked in Palomar’s “math center,” and tutored a wide variety of math topics, ranging from basic math to differential equations.

He left Palomar College in 2007 to study mathematics at the University of California Berkeley, where he received his bachelor’s degree in 2009. He majored in mathematics.

Since 2009, Charles has been a private in-home tutor. His recent tutoring work has been one-on-one. He started Rambo Tutoring in 2010. Charles is currently the only employee. He passed the CSET mathematics subtest I & II in May 2010. Charles has also passed the Society of Actuaries’ exams P and FM.

Charles has written two books. His first book, GRE Mathematics Subject Test Solutions: Exams GR1268, GR0568, and GR9768 is a solution manual to the most recent three mathematics subject test exams. Charles had been tutoring Calculus for several years when he wrote the book, so it was a natural fit. His most recent book, A Romp Tour of Trigonometry, was heavily inspired by his tutoring work. He saw how important a solid understanding of trigonometry is for STEM majors, and wanted to provide an affordable option for students that needed help with the material.

When Charles isn’t working he enjoys a variety of activities. He goes hiking regularly, particularly in Daley Ranch, Lake Poway, and Torrey Pines. He enjoys reading and yoga. Charles has an interest in mindfulness meditation.